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    Perfect your new powerful, consistent, and simple swing in our free Swing Secrets Mini Clinic!
    Mastering two steps will give you the swing you've always dreamed of. Everything else (grip, stance, distance from the ball, and ball position) is merely preparation.

  • Never deviate your ball position again!

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    • Perfect your ball position, alignment and setup with ONE tool.
    • Know the EXACT distance to stand from the ball with EVERY club.
    • Align your body with your feet and setup square to your target.
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Avoid the Trouble

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Thank you to everyone who has provided feedback! I've received a lot of requests to do more tips about course strategy. So, this week's tip covers how to Avoid the Trouble areas on the course and make par.

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    Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots

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    This week's Hump Day Golf Tip is about how to Eliminate Thin Pitch Shots. This simple drill only requires a few golf balls and some tees... but it can make a big difference on how well you make contact for your pitch shots.

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