Learn the Training System

Learn the Training System to Accomplish Your Goals

• Training for Feel • Training for the Shot
• Training for the Round • Training for Competition

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Building Life Champions

Over the years, I have had the opportunity train with and learn from the greatest coaches, teachers, and leaders in sport performance training as well as coaching for the sport of golf.

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High Performance Mental Training

The Performance Training Academy features year-round training at Grapevine Golf Club. Students may participate in two training sessions a week.

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Utilizing Knowledge

Utilizing Knowledge As a coach, parent, friend or spouse, we share information with one another. We do this for many reasons – to inform or educate, to create Continue reading

Shawn Humphries Partners With Grapevine

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher and GRAA Top 50 Coach Solidifies Relationship with City of Grapevine In An Effort to Grow Youth Golf Veteran coach Shawn Humphries has Continue reading

The Heart & Soul Of The Issue

After the events last week in Connecticut, I didn’t want to send out a promo on golf.  People are asking, “How do we stop these ‘Random Acts of Continue reading

The Story Behind the Two Step Process

Shawn Humphries and Byron Nelson

When I first began teaching golf, like any new teacher, I only taught beginners. I noticed that there wasn’t a step-by-step process for new-to-intermediate players to learn. Every Continue reading