EPS / GRAA July- Article: Winning and Performance:

Winning and Performance: IT’S A COMPLICATATED RELATIONSHIP In my 30 years of coaching and playing competitive golf, I have been both a participant and a winner. There’s a Continue reading

Athletes Over-trying

This previous Saturday in our classroom Mental Training session, our lesson covered the number one mental problem we encounter: over-trying. Within the quest of reaching a goal, trying Continue reading

Importance of Self-Awareness

Self-awareness is not only important for an athlete, it’s more important for the Coach.  Let me share with you a situation I had with an athlete.   I have Continue reading

SHGP Junior Golf

.!. 2010 Junior Golf This month: SHGP is off to a red hot start on the Junior Tournament Circuits.

Welcome to Shawn's Blog

Get exclusive insight and up-to-date information on this great game from Golf Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher Shawn Humphries. You’ll go on location with Shawn as he travels to Continue reading

The Bookshelf

Have you ever wondered what the elite coaches read each month? This month: Train Your Mind change Your Brain by Sharon Begley

Schools & Training

We begin our 2010 golf season with multiple training options including Club 8, SHGP Academy at Sunriver Resort, executive schools/programs and our junior golf programs.