Club 8

Serious golfers only!

Club 8 is an exclusive membership club designed by Shawn Humphries for the serious golfer who wants to understand their game, plan, practice and perform while consistently training and focusing on the 8 Principles of the game!

Full Swing Distance Wedges
Mental Training Putting
Pitching Specialty Shots
Chipping Bunker Play

The key to consistency is being able to replicate and duplicate something on a regular basis.  In order to replicate and duplicate, you must come close to mastering your skills.  Mastery is accomplished by having systems in place to follow. These systems provide solutions for you to implement.  Within in the eight principles we have designed training systems for every part of the game.

Our team will teach, train, and coach you in all of the eight principles of the game.  So you may have the greatest opportunity to become a consistent golfer.

Club 8 membership* includes:

  • One 1.5 hr training session each week
  • Student-Teacher ratio of 6-2
  • Easy online registration for training sessions
  • Twelve month membership*Weekend Training Times

Membership fee is $169.00 plus tax per month (average training session cost: $45.75/session).

We offer a pre-payment discount of 1 month free with a 1-time payment of $1859.00 plus tax (average training session cost: $42.25/session).

Age/experience requirements: 5 years of golf experience and minimum 21 years of age.

Club 8 is held at the Grapevine Golf Course in Grapevine, Texas.

Click here to email Shawn or call 972-793-7255.

*Limited amount of memberships available