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*12-month, step-by-step online golf training program with FREE Lifetime membership after 12 months or a One Time Annual Payment.

Features Include…

Monthly How-To Videos

I'll show you the principles and basic moves covering all eight of the core principles to mastering your game. Take your time. Watch the teaching videos at your own pace. And you'll learn the secrets to great golf.

Direct Access To Shawn Humphries

That's right! You can send me (and other trainers on my staff) your most burning questions. I personally answer you to keep your game on track.

Monthly Skills And Drills Videos

I'll show you how to properly practice what you learn in the how-to videos. So you can perform on the course with confidence.

Exclusive Articles

I'll keep you on the cutting-edge of golf performance training with special articles you won't find anywhere else. These articles cover every area of the game so you're up-to-date on what's working now to play better golf.

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Private Forum

The member’s area includes a community forum so you can: post questions… interact with other members… trade “war” stories… and… keep yourself motivated throughout your journey to golf mastery.

Mental Performance Training

Dr. Bhrett McCabe is our sports psychologist. He and I will help you master the mental game of golf. So you learn how to silence self-doubts and play with the poise of a seasoned pro.

Exclusive Private Webinars

I broadcast live webinar events with members so you can ask me questions… tell me your concerns… and have me offer real solutions to improve your game quickly and easily.

My program will transform every area of your game. Not to mention, you’ll discover the golf improvement methods the pros use to get better. After you take this training, I can almost guarantee golf will finally become an easy and fun game for you.

I am pleased to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from your Elite Program, which I now refer to as the "12-step process to better golf." Each month when I received a new lesson, I could hardly wait to get started! The lessons are unique, engaging, and easy to follow, and I am living proof that they are also effective. I'm still working on the last lesson, which demonstrates the nine basic shots, but like anything else it will take time for me to get comfortable enough to execute those shots in real play.

The Elite Program is an outstanding tool for golfers who are dedicated to seeing their game improve. Since I started the program, my drives and iron shots are considerably longer, which confuses and amazes the regular group of guys that I play with. When they ask me how I've been able to improve my game, I tell them patience, practice, confidence, and the Elite Program!

Thanks Shawn for you patience with me! I plan to return to training this year for a tune-up, and I may bring a friend who is now a believer in the Elite Program because he has seen my progress.

Richard J. from San Ramon, California

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• Has been playing for less than 5 years
• Scores 100+ on 18 holes
• Scores 50+ on 9 holes
• Plays fewer than 6 times a year
• Has practiced or played for 5+ years
• Consistently scores less than 100 on 18 holes
• Consistently scores less than 50 on 9 holes
• Plays more than 5 times a year
Monthly How-To Videos
Monthly Skills And Drills Videos
Direct Access To Shawn Humphries
Private Forum
Exclusive Articles
Mental Performance Training
Bonus Videos: Putt Like a Pro
Bonus Videos: Sand Game Tricks
Bonus Videos: Secrets From A Legend
Bonus Videos: Fix Your Swing
Bonus Videos: Short Game Secrets
Bonus Videos: Trouble Shots & Solutions
Unlimited Swing Reviews
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The 12-Month Step-By-Step System To Golf Greatness!

  • Month 1: How To Develop A Natural Swing Perfect For Your Body
  • Month 2: How To Sink Short And Long Putts Like A Pro
  • Month 3: How To Conquer The Chip Shot
  • Month 4: How To Play Distance Wedges And Miss-hit Shots
  • Month 5: How To Hit Picture-perfect Pitch Shots
  • Month 6: How To Launch Every Ball Out Of The Bunker
  • Month 7: How To Play Trouble Shots Without Breaking A Sweat
  • Month 8: How To Take Your New Set Of Skills To The Golf Course
  • Month 9: How To Get Freaky Accurate With Your Putter
  • Month 10: How To Master The Most Difficult Bunker Shots In The Game
  • Month 11: How To Develop The Winning Golf Mindset
  • Month 12: How To Dominate Any Course Of Any Difficulty

8 Core Principles To Complete Golf Mastery!

You'll follow the same systematic approach my tour player students swear by.

An approach proven to produce golf champions. In case you don't know, here are the eight specific parts of the golf game you must conquer to play the best golf humanly possible…

  • Full Swing
  • Distance Wedges
  • Trouble Shots
  • Pitching
  • Bunker Play
  • Chipping
  • Putting
  • Course Strategy

… plus a few extra secrets I only reveal to direct students

Private Coaching Sessions Directly From
Me… Without… Leaving Your Home!

I discovered that my golfing pros and celebrity clients loved this method of instruction. So much so, I decided to make it available to everyone in the Elite Golf Academy.

All you need is a mirror and video camera.

Every month, you can send in one video swing review for me to personally analyze. I will critique your swing in detail. Then I'll send you a full diagnosis of your set up, takeaway, backswing, downswing, impact and disaster shots. I'll show you how to fix and tweak your swing until it's perfect.

Believe me, this kind of personalized coaching will transform your game. In fact, I'm willing to bet it will make a huge difference in your score almost immediately.

Digital Bonus Videos include:

Six of Shawn's most coveted golf instruction video series… revealing how he teaches his elite golfing clients (including PGA tour players Hall of Fame football players… and… Oscar winning movie directors) to quickly and easily fix swing mistakes… and… start nailing the ball farther and straighter with machine-like consistency.

  • Fix Your Swing
  • Putt Like a Pro
  • Sand Game Tricks
  • Secrets From A Legend
  • Short Game Secrets
  • Trouble Shots & Solutions

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

I understand this is a risk-free trial and I’m protected by your Full Satisfaction Guarantee!
If for any reason or no reason at all, I’m not satisfied in the first 14 days after joining… I can get a full refund of the $47 tuition upon request.
If I continue the program after the first 14 days, my credit card will automatically be billed $47 per month until the 12-month program is finished. But I can cancel at any time and get a full refund for that month of training.

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